Monday, March 26, 2012

Brookfiled Zoo Views & Misc. Photos

There are times, when you just know you've got the shot, but, like all things in life, there are many more times when you wish you could go back and take a second (Or third) shot at it to make sure you got it right! I recently went to the Brookfield Zoo with my daughter and her best friend Nicole. One shot I had never been able to get was a good shot of the Zoo's Bald Eagle.

Since the Bald Eagle is one of the symbols of this great nation, I have always wanted to get one. I have had many failed attempts, but, I think I succeeded this time. Please let me know what you think.

The gorilla house is always hard to get shots in as well. The lighting is...just different. It is hard to get the right shot with or without a flash. I finally got a good one, I think.

I was very blessed to be asked, recently, to photograph a couple who were celebrating their 50th Wedding Anniversary. This was one of my first paying photography jobs.
I researched what to charge and how to do things the "Right way", and I believe I hit a solid triple in doing the job. What did I do wrong? Well for one thing, I actually ran out of batteries for my shoe mount flash, a definite no-no. One other thing that I need to learn is to be more aggressive in getting people to pose for the needed shots. I was unable to get a shot with the couple with every table. One good thing I learned is that there will always be one person that you find yourself gravitating towards, this can be a problem. My "Problem" in this case was a wonderful little girl named Emma, and she ruled my photographs of the event. Why is this a problem? Because, I spent too much time chasing Emma and not getting other shots needed. Emma is the great niece of the woman (Sue) who asked me to do the event. I can tell you for certain that I got a few really nice shots of Emma. Here is my favorite pictures of Emma with her Dad in the Church. My second favorite is of Emma with Sue blurred out a little bit in the background.

What have I learned from photography? I think that I have learned the true meaning of success lies within how you feel about your success, and a life lesson learned is that success is an ongoing process. I hope all of my friends and family know that I am writing this blog for them, but, also for me so that I remember where I came from and how to get to the next step of success. Will I ever be a "Famous Photographer? Hopefully, but, in reality, probably not. Will I gathers some great and meaningful stories along the way, you bet!! I hope you enjoyed this post and my continuing journey through Life, Liberty and the pursuit of my best photograph...

As always, any comments, suggestions and/or criticisms would be appreciated. Thanks you again for viewing, and keep stopping back.

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Jim said...


I think you're doing great. Practice makes perfect. You take some of the best shots.